A Guide to Generating Logo Design Ideas

Whether you are designing a logo, or you choose to tweak the logo design you already have? Whatever you decide, you have to consider: What makes a great logo design? How do you create a logo to capture the essence of your brand?

In this article, we will introduce you to some useful tips and ideas that can help you get inspiration for a great logo design idea.  We have assembled five golden rules (S.M.A.R.T) to generate a logo design idea.

Let's explore more about each of them.

  • Simple- The first golden rule for creating logo design ideas is that it makes it easy to understand and identify. It is true nothing can beat simplicity in designing a logo. A simple logo reflects your business effectively. Simple logos work really well because they look minimalistic, producing a glimpse that is easy to remember. 

A complex design will confuse the audience and give the wrong message to them. Therefore, logo design needs to be simple which is easy to understand. A simple shape of a logo is certainly easy to keep in memory. On the other side, people forget a complex design so that they can ignore any such logo. The Amazon logo is a great example of this.  Moreover, a major advantage of a simple logo is that it can be used in all possible environments such as banners, flyers, business cards, and more.

  • Memorable- A good logo must be precise enough to be memorable. A great logo is easy to remember by the customer. Simplicity and memorable walk side by side with each other. If a logo is simple, it is memorable. A logo represents your brand so it should be memorable to increase your values and customer base. Colour also plays an imperative role in the recognition of a character. So, pick your color scheme wisely. Colour is the first thing we see in anything, it gets the fastest in our minds.  The shape, sign, or typography of a logo are the second thing we noticed. 

Further, to be memorable, logos need to be differentiated from their rivals. Take the Nike logo as an example.

  • Appropriate- A logo must be appropriate for the business and its targeted audience. Every element and detail of a logo must be well-thought-out and respected to symbolize the quality and utility of a brand. For example, if you want to target children you can use a bold color scheme, a bouncy and bold typeface. Appropriateness in logos is a key factor in determining the use of logos that target an audience relevant to your business. The appropriate design logo is an easy way to tell potential clientele that your business is professional, consistent, and delivers quality products and services. The appropriate design attracts the right people for your brand. 

  • Reliable- Flexibility and scalability are an important factor in using a logo across diverse platforms, mediums, and sizes.  It means that it represents the same way across all platforms such as banners, business cards, and so on. The logo you design will be essential to work as effectively at 10 millimeters as it does at 10 meters. The logo should ideally allow for diverse layouts and configuration as well, to certify that the logo will appear the best use of it, it does not matter where it is used. Because of this, when working on ideas, consider how the design can work in different sizes. If the design becomes illegal in small sizes, see what you can do to further simplify and refine the design.

  • Timeless- The best logos are timeless and avoid changing trends. An effective logo should stand the test of time.  They may look great today, but it is not good after time. The logo is not meant to be used for a time or a specific era because longevity is important where your brand is identified.

An effective logo should never go out of style. Timeless logos make a brand more reliable and diverse from others. It assists in building a better relationship with the prevailing clientele and instills assurance in the potential customer.

Now that we know the golden rules, now is the time to do it! Let us help you develop a great logo design idea.

  • Pen down your ideas and inspiration

  • Get a clear idea of branding

  • Pick your color schemes, typography, logo' type, and style

  • Sketch your logo designs ideas

  • Try visual experiment

  • Get feedbacks

Final words

So, now that you know how to generate the flawless logo idea, you are ready to develop a logo design idea in Freelance Bazar, that is truly yours.  Coming up with the right logo design idea can be a challenging process but trust yourselves. Try to see your ideas from a different viewpoint. 

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