8 Superb Hacks for Writing an Unforgettable Business School Essay

The role of a business school degree is essentially to turbocharge your career prospects. You may be a student looking for that additional qualification to start a high-salaried job, or you could be a professional who has seen colleagues of similar age-group drawing huge salaries and rising faster in hierarchy simply because they have a degree from a proficient business school.

The dreams to aspire for a business school admission are never lost to scholars. In that case, there are a few points that you need to consider for completing a business school essay. Here, you will get to know 9 superb hacks curated at one place to write that impressive and excellent piece of business school essay. Without further ado, let’ start with it. 

1. The grades are not ENOUGH!

The bad news first – your high grades and score in GMAT are okay, but not enough. Now the good news: even if you were not exactly topper material, business schools look for more than merely the marks you got. They are more interested in the kind of person you are, and if you belong to their program.

2. Let them know why you are the good fit

Your past performance is already there. It has got you to the present stage. The next step is what you can do about the low grades that you may have achieved. Your essay for the business school is the most important deciding factor whether you can proceed with your MBA or be dropped. 

3. Is your essay compelling enough?

Professionals know that grades and scores matter only up to a point. Beyond that what matters is:
-What are you?
-What you have done?
-What are your ideas of self?

Essentially, what you bring to the table, so to say. Your essay for the business school is the chance to present yourself and your abilities in a way that is convincing and appealing to the board that decides whether you are the right person for their program.

4. Your essay should convey you have a “can-do” approach

Saying that you are the ideal candidate does not work. Show humility and moderation, instead of asserting why you are the best or number one. That is a silly, puerile way of depicting yourself that puts off professionals who usually know better. So, curb that egotistic urge.

5. Mention your capabilities

To mention specific reasons and examples that demonstrate your capabilities is the requirement of any business letter. If one cannot do it themselves, one needs to seek assignment help. The activities mentioned can be your achievements, tasks, awards, and such like. 

6. Project your passionate side

Express in words what you are passionate about, keeping away from controversial topics like religion, politics or similar such issues.
You have to be a person who can work comfortably and efficiently with people coming from all kinds of backgrounds.

7. Substantiate claims

Your effort should be achieved beyond the grades. It should bring out to convey what you are about and that you are also a person beyond grades. It is always better not to project yourself as someone that you are not. You should be able to substantiate your claims.

If your academic or career path has been unusual, play it up. If you have had to make a drastic change, or compromise on your choice of school/college/career because of some unusual circumstance, mention it. It shows how you fight your way through.

8. Incorporate real-life examples

Avoid talking about your gender, ethnicity, minority status, etc. unless it has affected your choices and demonstrably impacted your life. Pepper your essay with real-life examples. Specific anecdotes and vivid details make a much greater impact than general claims and broad summaries.

It is always a good idea to show a sense of humour. You may mention your glorious high school days, but do not dwell upon them. The admission committees are more interested in what you are now, your talents and achievements that are relevant no.

A few general tips to keep away from are:

  • Do not keep an impersonal approach in your statement. It is supposed to be about you, in the first place. Use less jargon. Keep it simple and avoid sounding like a show-off.

  • Do not exceed the prescribed word limits or submit an application full of typos and grammatical errors.
    These mistakes show laxity, unprofessionalism, and incompetence. 

  • Do not use the font of your choice, but read formatting instructions given. 

  • Do not lose any chance to set yourself apart from others that should be conveyed in your business essay letter which you need to specify. 


If an essay is required but there is no prescribed length, try and keep it brief. If you can cover all you have to say on one page, within five paragraphs, it would be ideal. If your circumstances or experience requires more, you should still try not to exceed three pages at the most – and you will have to make it engaging for the admissions committee to read it. 

After all, they have to go through thousands of such essays daily. A suggestion is you can either take tutorials in writing a business based letter for admission or hire great resume writing professionals, who are well-aware of the process. For an amazing outcome, avail services besides business writing tutorials. 

With one work achieved you may be able to find that they also deliver writing an essay for college application for admissions. And if you are interested in getting one written, there’s no harm in trying professional resume writing service!

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